Gold Box Insider Tips

Insider Tips on How to Grow Your Style Profile Sales

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” 
Coco Chanel

We are so glad to be partnering with you in sharing the fashion revolution!
We want this partnership to be mutually beneficial.
You are sharing your style story and we want to help!
Here are some tips and ideas to ponder as you expand your online presence, brainstorm ways to help your followers discover your Style Profile, and ultimately, invite people to experience Kollectin alongside you!

Utilize Your Social Media Presence

- Be authentic! Tell the story of your style through your feed.

- Always start with inspiration. Ask yourself questions like:

                                                                     "what do I feel when I wear this piece?"
                                                                     "what statement do I want to make?"
                                                                      "Is this true to my personal style?"
                                                                       " Am I just jumping on a trend?"                                     
                                                                  "how does this look speak to who I am?"
                                                                     "who or what inspired this look?"

These are just some starting points to focusing in on the "why" of what you post.
You don't have to have answers to any of these. They are just spring boards for a more in depth, inspired social media story.

- Show us how YOU style Kollectin and inspire your followers to go discover your style selections in the Kollectin app.
Everyone has a unique voice. Of course, we are all inspired by someone or something, but ultimately, there is something that makes you the one and only. Don't worry about looking like who you think is trendy or who gets the most likes.
Pursue what YOU are drawn to. Authenticity will speak to your followers louder than any popular trend.
So stay true to you when choosing, styling, and posting about Kollectin.

Your Everyday Influence

- Wear the product! And just like on social media, be proud of your personal style!
Enjoy the jewelry you've purchased and own the styles you are drawn to.
Wear Kollectin everywhere!
Let others see how excited you are to be who you are!

- Host a party! When your Gold Box arrives, call up your friends and unbox together! Share the joy and your enthusiasm for Kollectin. No doubt your friends already love your style. Show them your Style Profile and how they can join the fashion revolution, too!

- Have an idea or a passion? Is there an organization you are involved in? A cause you believe in? Think Kollectin should be involved? Let us know! We'd love to continue to build the Kollectin community through an event:

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